NODA Network

Optimization of thermal networks

NODA provides an open solution for thermal network optimisation creating economical, technical and environmental value. The system provides dynamic control of both supply and demand in combination with advanced analysis functionality.

NODA integrates seamlessly with existing IT-systems and can co-exist with almost any current data management system. There is no lock-in mechanism with NODA. The system can be configured and expanded as needed, and will adapt to the requirements of every specific thermal network.

Balance energy demand and supply

Demand side management

Normally a network operator has no ability to control the demand itself, even though the whole system is by its very nature demand-driven. Any traditional optimisation effort is forced to simply following the demand. By using active demand response and demand side management by NODA the network operator can control the demand while ensuring quality of service. By controlling the demand in a demand-driven system, it is possible to truly start optimising the operational behaviour of that system. This makes it possible to reduce expensive fossil peaks, balance base loads, synchronise demand with market or marginal production prices and actively reduce return temperatures. An easy on-boarding process ensures short payback times and high return on investments.

Supply side management

Managing the supply temperature is the primary way for a thermal network operator to control the supply into their network. Traditionally this is done by using static settings, which relate the supply temperature to the current outdoor temperature. Using NODA it is possible to dynamically control the supply temperature. NODA uses data-driven analysis to create self-learning models that continuously relate the current supply temperature to the actual operational requirements throughout the network.

By dynamically controlling the supply temperature it is possible to substantially increase the efficiency of the production, for example relating to CHP optimisation and decreased distribution losses, and generally to lower system temperatures which enables more renewables and low-temperature waste heat. The return on investment is very high, and normally the amortisation of the investment is within a year or two.


Data driven analytics

Creates value from your customer data

NODA creates business value by providing an insights-to-action platform. The system provides predictability and decision support in financial budgeting, environmental reporting and predictive maintenance. These insights can also be used to strengthen the dialogue and relationship between energy companies and their customers. The advanced analytics that NODA provides is a natural part of the ecosystem of solutions from NODA, but can also be used separately as part of individual feasibility studies, investment reviews and other analysis-based projects.

Looker Studio

Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) is a Business Intelligence tool developed by Google. Looker Studio is a flexible environment for visualizing data, information and knowledge and complements EnergyView as a visualization tool within NODA.

Looker Studio is normally used in connection with larger property portfolios or entire district heating systems to get a complete picture of current and historical statistics from technical, financial and environmental aspects. The underlying information displayed in Looker Studio is created within the NODA system and forms the basis of the analysis. Of course, NODA can also be used to create input for other similar systems such as Microsoft Power BI, Qlik Sense or Tableau Desktop.

Connects to your existing systems

NODA Network is a solution that connects to and works together with your existing systems. The connection can be done over API or via automation protocols. The solution can also connect to a wide range of building control systems, which facilitates connection of customer substations.

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