Management team

The most important aspect of a company is the people involved. They form the core of the business and everything about it. That they have backgrounds and insights that complement each other. That they have a motivation and passion making them strive for common goals.

Within NODA, we cooperate and coordinate work among colleagues, partners and customers.

Together with colleagues, the board of directors and owners, the management teams run the strategic work ahead. Together, we form an organisation to meet and capture the potential of the future.

Tatiana Brandt, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tatiana has nearly twenty years of experience in technology, strategy, and business transformation from leadership positions at companies such as Microsoft, Schlumberger, Cognite and Earth Science Analytics.

Dr Christian Johansson, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Christian is one of the founders of NODA and has worked at the company since 2005. He was the CTO until 2019 and CEO thereafter until 2023.
Since 2023 he is the CSO.

Christian is on the board of NODA and the largest shareholder of the company.

Jill Ågren, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Jill has a background as an auditor and many years of experience as CFO in global growth companies across a variety of industries.

She most recently comes from a Fintech and SaaS company. She has experience in taking companies to profitability, securing financing, and expanding into global markets.

Martin Borgqvist, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Martin is COO at NODA with responsibilities covering business models, market analysis and partner operations.

He has a solid background in project management and energy systems engineering.

Ina Solemo, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer (CSMO)

Ina is CSMO at NODA and responsible for business development, sales processes and marketing.

She has previously worked in telecom and IT as well as in the energy and consultancy industries.

Mikael Ganehag Brorsson, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Mikael is CTO at NODA and has worked at the company since it was founded in 2005.

He is responsible for technology and system development and has designed the platform that NODA builds its systems on.

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