Solutions to connect to existing systems

NODA is compatible with several different solutions

At NODA we have meny years of experience in working within the energy and property industries. We know there are many different systems that our customers already use to connect, control and evaluate their assets. Therefore, we have developed our products to co-exist with your existing solutions and add value to them. In the below sections we give an overview of the solutions we provide to connect customer systems to NODA, but we have also created a separate page for our technical documentation. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to know more about our technical solutions.

Connection directly to control systems

Modbus Gateway

Modbus is a widely used automation protocol within the property industry. At NODA we have a Gateway capable of communicating with systems that support Modbus. Our Gateway is a industry router from Teltonika that is connected to the control system and that facilitates encrypted communication of data with our cloud service over LTE (4G). The unit has support for both Modbus TCP and RTU and can be used with control systems that are freely programmable and also with several application specific controllers.

Examples of systems that our Modbus Gateway is compatible with are Abelko, Beckhoff, Bastec, Danfoss, Regin, Schneider Electric, Saia and more.

Connection to management systems

Sensor data and IoT platforms

There are many systems for sensor data (e.g. indoor sensors) on the market and we have support for many of them. Examples of systems we are connected to are: Elvaco Wireless Mbus, EcoGuard, IoT Open, Yggio and Wideco.

SCADA systems

If you use a SCADA system that can communicate with third party systems, there are good chanses we can connect to it. Today we have integrations to Webport and Schneid.

Customer specific integrations


We have a complete API (application programming interface) for easy and secure access to data and functions on our side. Access to this API can be managed at different security levels and can be regulated on the ability to read and/or write data. You find the API-specification in our page with technical documentation.

New integrations to customer systems

Our platform has functions that makes it possible for us to build specific integrations to customer systems that have interfaces and support for this via API:s. Contact us and we will look at your specific conditions.

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