We only have one planet (so far). We need to take care of it.

NODA was founded with the ambition to do this, and this is still the core of our company vision. Even the way we design and build our AI solutions relates to practical sustainability.

NODA heeds our environmental impact in everything from day-to-day work to strategic considerations in business and partnerships.


The goal of NODA is to become world leading in intelligent energy system solutions.

The most important asset to achieve this goal is the people we interact with; in work, in business and in society.

To achieve our goals, NODA has a clear focus on the welfare and development of our colleagues, partners and customers.


NODA creates solutions for a sustainable society.

The technology is focused on energy efficiency in all its forms, but as a company we will continuously strive to achieve sustainability in all we do.

Relating to governance of the company this involves increased openness and transparency to build trust and value towards employees, partners and shareholders.

NODA Intelligent Systems

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