Wiser heating.
Wiser cooling.


With the most innovative AI-software in the industry and with more than 15 years of experience, we are confident in saying that NODA can deliver an even better heating experience. So stop wasting energy. Your heating can be wiser than that.

Three immediate effects property owners get with NODA

  • A more comfortable indoor climate
  • Reduced heating costs
  • Reduced climate impact


Three things NODA provides to energy suppliers

  • Balance the supply and demand in the network
  • Increase the capacity in existing supply
  • Help customers to not waste energy


We have our roots in the Swedish innovation tradition, we see our products being used in Europe, Asia and America.

Built for the future.
Impact already today.

A solution developed by experts who really know heating and cooling. With more than 15 years of experience and the most innovative AI-software in the industry, NODA is far from “usual”. A solution for the future that delivers value already today.

The collaboration with NODA has given us the opportunity for closer cooperation with our end-customers, where we discuss efficiency and cost savings from different perspectives.
Emil Larsson, Product Manager district heating and cooling, C4 Energi

How we reduced energy usage with 14% in the Slovak city of Pezinok


We are motivated by one single thought – to contribute to a better world based on sustainable energy. We can not ignore the challenges and problems that the whole world faces.

We can not only look at the amount of energy we use, we also need to consider how and when energy is generated and used.

Our vision is a world where sustainable energy is available when, where and how it is wanted.

We all need to be wiser to succeed with that.

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