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About NODA

NODA Intelligent Systems (NODA) is a spin-off company from research within artificial intelligence at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden. NODA was founded in 2005 and has offices in Karlshamn and Malmö in Sweden. NODA has customers and partners throughout Europe, North America and Asia. The focus of NODA is to develop and market AI-based solutions for thermal systems like district heating and cooling, heat pumps and gas. In addition to this, NODA has a strong continuous relation with universities and research institutes in relation to research and innovation.

NODA works together with several partners and customers to implement its technology and market approach. These partners range from large global companies to local and regional energy companies or building owners. Traditionally, the focus of NODA has primarily been on district heating, but recently has increased focus on hybrid systems based on thermal processes such as combined heat and power, heat pumps and excess heat extraction. This gives NODA a broad range of working knowledge of different types of systems and how they can be combined.

NODA works in the whole production and delivery chain regarding product development from core research to operational product, and routinely participates in international and national research and innovation projects.

NODA Intelligent Systems

NODA Karlshamn
Netport Science Park
Biblioteksgatan 4
374 35 Karlshamn, Sweden

NODA Malmö
Malmö Ground
Bredgatan 4
211 30 Malmö, Sweden

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