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A wise building for a wise energy system

A building shall have a right indoor temperature. Providing this as efficiently as possible is the main job for the heating system. NODA Building is a cloud based service solution that connects to the existing heating system and adds analytics that helps to optimize the heating based on the real heat demand.

In most buildings there is only an indirect connection between actual heat demand and the way a building energy management system really works, and even modern automation solutions struggle with anything else than reactive behaviour. This causes a series of issues such as suboptimal indoor climate, unnecessary heat costs and underutilised capital investments. NODA Building proactively matches indoor climate demand with appropriate levels of energy usage which has a direct impact through a more satisfying indoor climate, improved heat economy and ease-of-use right out of the box.

Functions to save energy, costs and emissions

Heat control - indoor temperature, weather forecast and heating system analytics

The basis for saving energy in buildings is to maintain the right indoor temperature and not wasting energy on unnessecary heating. Our solution uses sensors for indoor climate (temperature and humidity), weather forecasts and analytical models of the heating system to continouosly monitor the real heat demand and control heating towards a desired indoor temperature. In this way, NODA Building works proactively together with the heating system to achieve the deisred indoor comfort without wasting energy.

Tariff control - optimize against energy prices

It is not only the amount of energy used that matters for the heating cost, it is also becoming increasingly important when and how energy is used. In heating and cooling networks it is becoming increasingly common to use price tariffs with active components relating to flow, demand profiles and return temperatures. Corresponding trends can be seen in electricity grids, especially relating to commercial customer. The reason for price tariffs is that the energy supplier wants the energy demand to respond to that tariff to create a clearer relation between cost of generating energy and cost of using energy. During peak hours, the price increases since more expensive production facilities are required to meet demand.

NODA Building is designed to automatically adapt the energy usage of the building in relation to the pricing structure of the tariff in each heat network or electricity grid. The more active the price tariff, the more benefit from using NODA. Regardless if you are using heat pumps, district heating, gas or other types of heat sources.

Easy to follow - all information about your heating is always available online


You might have data, but do you have actionable insights? NODA harnesses the value in your data and uses data-driven analytics to leverage your data to create information and knowledge. Available data turned into actionable insights can be used in so many ways by systems and people to create value throughout your property portfolio. The NODA system uses advanced modelling to map the behaviour of any individual building to actual user demand. Automated analysis track energy metrics from operational, financial and environmental aspects for a broad range of decision support tools covering anything from single buildings to large property portfolios.


EnergyView is a graphical user interface developed by NODA. With the help of EnergyView, the user can commission, maintain and analyse everything from highest system level down to the individual component level in each building. EnergyView includes a notification system to easily manage alarms and notifications linked to operational system functions. In EnergyView there is also a program manager to further adapt the system to specific functional requirements. All data and information contained in the system can be used to create interactive reports and of course data can be downloaded in CSV format from any report. Furthermore, there is support for virtual sensors and other components that simplify practical use.

Connects to existing systems

NODA Building is easily connected to existing heating systems and it is compatible with a wide range of systems for control, building management and indoor sensors. This process is seamless within NODA and ensures a robust, flexible and scalable solution.

My Pages is a web-based user interface for property asset managers for simple interaction with the NODA system. My Pages provides a clear overview of indoor climate, operations of the heating system as well as current and historical energy savings. The My Pages system is adapted for easy use through both computer and mobile access. My Pages is part of the EnergyView system and can be branded for specific use cases.

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