More pleasant indoor climate for more than 30 customers to Kraftringen

Kraftringen is an energy company with the ambition to lead the development of the energy for the future. We take responsibility for using natural resources as efficiently as possible. We are focusing on local energy solutions that both create environmental benefits and contributes to a sustainable growth in the region.

Kraftringen is owned by the municipalities of Lund, Eslöv, Hörby and Lomma, have approximately 260,000 energy customers and nearly 600 employees.
We offer solutions in electricity, heating, cooling, gas, fiber, contracting and other energy-related services.

District heating is a big part of our business and a great way to heat houses and premises in a way that produces a low climate footprint. Since 2018, our production is entirely fossil-free fuel, but we constantly seek to improve our product environmental performance and has therefore been offering a product we call, Smart Heat, for several years. It is based on NODA’s smart energy service NODA Building, which enables both higher comfort and lower costs.

We expect the payback time to be about a year.
A great deal for everyone involved!

At the beginning of 2022, Kraftringen and Eslövs Bostads AB (Ebo) started a large-scale cooperation with the goal of providing significantly environmental benefits. To create a more even indoor climate in 1750 of Ebo’s homes in Eslöv, new technical equipment and AI control will handle larger amounts of information, both weather conditions and the indoor climate in each apartment. This is to meet the tenants’ needs earlier by using the aggregate consumption pattern.

Are you a Kraftringen customer, and want to connect your building?

Contact Johnny Ragazzo (+46 70 232 40 54) at Kraftringen.

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