A more pleasant indoor climate for more than 30 customers to Kraftringen

Kraftringen and NODA have been working together for several years with customer-centric energy services. Kraftringen sells NODA Building to their customers in their district heating systems. In total, they now have more than 30 customers connected, including some large housing communities. Since the activation of NODA Building these district heating customers have reduced their energy usage for heating with 10-12 % on average. In addition to this, the customers also gain access to a web-based user interface for evaluating energy savings, indoor climate data and all the other data collected in the district heating substation.

Kraftringen is an energy company with the ambition to lead the development of the energy of the future. Kraftringen is owned by the municipalities in Lund, Eslöv, Hörby and Lomma in the south of Sweden.

Are you a Kraftringen customer and want to connect your building?

Contact Johnny Ragazzo at Kraftringen.

Are you an energy supplier and want to get started with NODA Building?

Contact Martin Borgqvist,

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