Engie in Pezinok

Gas savings of up to 14%

In the Slovakian city of Pezinok with some 20.000 inhabitants, we at Noda
have, together with the energy company Engie, successfully been able to
deliver energy savings of up to 14% gas savings. This as part of the effect
from implementing our solution NODA Heat Network.
Through optimization of how we work with heat demand in the buildings,
the use of gas boilers in the district heating network has been reduced
dramatically. Now, half of the buildings are connected to a digital solution
– meaning boilers, thermal storage tanks and substations are now sending
and receiving data at an unprecedented rate. And as this opens
possibilities for our thermal AI system to get access to and continuously
work with this same data, you are suddenly at a whole different level when
it comes to insight and optimizing of system structure and flow.
In the end it is all about lowering the CO2 footprint while at the same time
cut down on fuel expenses – which is done by the AI forecasting how much
thermal flexibility each has available, as well as expected boiler
operations, making it possible for the NODA Heat Network solution to
actively balance building heat loads.
Through our use of a virtual solution as an addition to the existing
accumulator tanks, the total storage capacity has increased by as much as
45% while delivering gas savings at 14% and some 3-4% fuel savings on
boiler operation.

The Engie Group supports and tests innovative solutions worldwide as well as in Slovakia. Our aim is to reduce CO2 emissions from our own activities as well as those of our customers. The pilot project with the NODA system in Pezinok was a good example of this. Our goal was to verify the NODA technology and its algorithms in the real operation of the smaller DHS in Pezinok so that the results can be used to calculate the potential benefits for the entire Engie group. Thanks to flexible cooperation with NODA engineers, we have successfully achieved this goal.
Michal Trnovský, Innovations & Development, Engie Services a.s.

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