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... in the digitalisation of the energy sector

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Content by NODA

The NODA solution portfolio captures innovation and knowledge built over many years. Our long experience, proven results and cooperation with leading energy companies makes us the best partner in intelligent energy services. We create content in your digital energy infrastructure.


NODA Heat Network

NODA has a long history of AI-based innovation in district heating and cooling. NODA Heat Network captures this innovation and creates a full solution for network optimisation, including dynamic supply temperature, demand side management, active energy services and predictive maintenance.

NODA Building

NODA Building is a self-learning system for optimizing the heat demand in buildings. The system operates according to the Measure, Analyse, and Control method. NODA Building constantly analyses conditions and social behaviours of the building to optimise energy usage with maintained indoor climate.

NODA Knowledge

Our experience at your fingertips! Let NODA help you be in control of your own system development. We’ve been building AI-based energy optimisers for more than fifteen years. Do you want us in your team?

About NODA


An intelligent energy system is the backbone of the smart city and a cornerstone of a sustainable society. NODA creates content in the digitalisation of the energy sector and enables actors to become active and cooperating parties on a dynamic energy market. NODA leads innovation of technology and business, and our customers include heat network operators, building companies, solution integrators and others.