NODA Knowledge – our experience at your fingertips

The NODA system includes a broad range of solutions that are easy to integrate for solution providers, network operators and building owners.

However, some want to build their own systems to be in control of the whole process, or just want to tweak certain functionality that NODA can provide.

This is fine! Let NODA help you to do just that. We have been building these kind of systems for more than fifteen years now. Imagine all that experience at your fingertips. Do you want us in your team? Then you want NODA Knowledge!

Knowledge Project

You have the data, but do you have the information?

In a Knowledge Project digitalization is used to leverage your data to create information and knowledge. The projects are based on structured templates that can be adapted to specific requirements, while providing clear bounds on budget and content beforehand. The project templates include, among others, pre-investment feasibility studies and post-investment evaluation studies.

Do a Knowledge Project with NODA and tap into our vast experience from numerous research and innovation projects, combined with big data number crunching.

Knowledge Transfer

You are interested in NODA technology, but you want to run it on your own servers and be in full control of development and adaptation to your own specific requirements?

This is where Knowledge Transfer comes in!

Gain access to white-box code and patented IP rights, packaged together with deployment, education, business development and other vital parts of technology transfer. This can be the full range of NODA technology as well as specific functionality modules that integrate in an existing IT-system, depending on the requirements of your organisation.

Knowledge Advisor

You want to build an AI-based energy optimisation system from scratch, to get it just like you want it to fit your requirements?

NODA can help you in both design and implementation of technology as well as business. This is Knowledge Advisor!

NODA can support your team with people who have done this before. People that know where to put the nuts and the bolts. We will probably charge you an arm and a leg, but it will still be so much cheaper than doing it all by yourself.

Let NODA help you!