NODA Building – a smart building in a smart grid

NODA Building is an AI-based system to optimise heating and cooling in residential and commercial buildings while ensuring a good indoor climate. This creates financial, technical and environmental benefits for the building owner as well as tenants and office workers.

The Building system has a broad solution range for data access. The main alternatives include sensor override, gateway solutions for standard automation communication protocols and full IT-based integrations. The system is fully compliant with other NODA solutions such as NODA Heat Network.

NODA Building consist of three modules that can be used in combination or separately.

Heat Control

Heat Control is the core energy saving functionality in NODA Building. Heat control uses indoor temperature sensors and weather forecasts in combination with AI-based models of the operational behavior of the heating system to relate energy usage to actual demand.

Heat Control has been continuously improved over the years, and is available for district heating, heat pumps and gas heating. Energy savings are on average about 10-12 %, while ensuring a good indoor climate.

As part of Heat Control the user gets full access to My Pages through NODA EnergyView. This is a web-based user interface that provides automated evaluation, overview of indoor temperature levels, historical data and other functional tools for optimising the heat energy usage in a building.

Tariff Control

It is becoming increasingly common that heat networks are using price tariffs with active components relating to flow, demand and return temperatures. Similar trends can be seen related to marginal costs in power grids, especially for commercial customers.

Tariff Control is designed to adapt the energy usage of the building in relation to the pricing structure of the tariff in each heat network or power grid. The more active price tariff, the more benefits of using Tariff Control.

Climate Control

Optimising the energy system in a building is not only about saving money and energy. It’s also about providing a better indoor climate for the tenants in a residential building or office workers in a commercial building.

Climate Control is based on self-learning AI that uses indoor sensors for temperature and humidity to create a virtual model of the building.  The algorithms analyse the building based on climate zones for maximum comfort and energy efficiency, and visualise information for maintenance decision support, help desks and end-user communication.

NODA Building as an Energy Service

Providing energy services to building owners is an important way for heat network operators to increase the value of their business. It builds a stronger bond between the energy company and the customer, and creates a win-win situation.

NODA Building can be packaged as a branded energy service and is fully compliant with NODA Heat Network. The different modules can be compiled to fit the specific business structure of the operator. For example, Tariff Control can be provided together with new price models to give the customer the ability to actively react to the tariffs, thereby leveraging the value of a new price model.

NODA offers service level agreements to create a full chain of service between the network operator and their customers. Furthermore, NODA offers support in creating the business concept and to adapt it to the requirements of a specific heat network.